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hope, hope

Posted in 1980, Fellow Travelers by southpawcom on March 6, 2012

Jackie S. was a friend of Tori, my New Jersey girlfriend in the late 1970s. I was friendly with two of Tori’s girlfriends, Jackie and Cathy M., quite independent of Tori and for quite a while after Tori and I stopped seeing each other. I doubt that Tori even knows this!

Right out of a Springsteen song, Jackie was just a nice New Jersey girl who had a long relationship with her boyfriend, Denny H. I remember hanging out with them some from time to time, drinking beer and listening to ELO records. Once we all piled in a car in the fall of ’77 and drove down to Rutgers to hang out for a day and night. I had my first Guinness stout on that occasion and nearly threw up I hated it so much. I also recall trying to play Frisbee outside but the closest thing we had to a Frisbee was a round sofa pillow.

Evidently when Rebecca and I took our hitchhiking trip up the East Coast in the summer of ’80 we stopped in NJ to hang out with Jackie, Denny, his bearded brother, Chris, and others, but I don’t recall it. If I heard again from Jackie after this, I’d be really surprised. I have a strong feeling she has had a good life, probably with Denny, and with lots of kids.

hope, hope