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Late Mid-20s

Posted in 1985, Friends by southpawcom on March 6, 2012

I remember commenting to Jamie that I was entering my “late mid-20s” on this birthday. That was in an effort to not feel so old compared to the others in my group, who all were still in their early 20s. It made a difference at that age.

I remember also being disappointed at the impersonality of her card. A cat?? Today her choice is redeemed by the nostalgic, period look of the graphic art.

I thought I was getting something started with Jamie in the early spring of ’84 but she got spooked either by something I did (likely) or something she heard about me (even likelier) that she didn’t like.

If my late mid-20s encompassed the age 27, then I got this card in 1985, when I was going steady with Julie. Otherwise it was 1984 when I think I would have gotten something a tinch more personal.


Invoice Between the Sheets

Posted in 1985, Loves, Tori by southpawcom on February 1, 2010

Having had a year of career-type work under my belt, I decided in the early spring of 1985 to take a few days off and travel to New York. I was going to see my newly married friend, Ann-Face, who lived I believe in Westchester County with her husband, Phil, and I was going to see my old girlfriend, Tori, who lived in Astoria.

I wish I remember more details of the trip. I know that I spent two nights with Tori, after I had been at Ann and Phil’s. I met her at Grand Central Station, and we spent the evening in Chinatown. We had a great time, winding and laughing through the sidewalk markets on Mott Street. We spent the next day hanging out at the beach on Long Island Sound (it was cold and windy). We partied with her friends around Astoria the second night. After the bar, I had been given a place to crash on the sofa in the living room, and I remember that she came out in the darkness to tell me that she had something to show me in her bedroom. In her bedroom I remember she took off her top in the front of the mirror, and we just started making out. I remember her shushing me in bed so as not to wake up her roommates.

Although she had me heartbroken through most of 1978 and ’79, by 1985 I had grown up enough to see Tori as hopelessly hard to figure out and just a little put-on. She wrote me a few times later that year, and we kept in touch sporadically over the years, including exchanges over the dreaded Facebook, but I haven’t seen her since.

But she wrote some me some great letters, as you shall see….

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